Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mauser's Tater House

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Back in March we took a little road trip down to North Carolina to see the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge and this cute little place sits at the entrance of park where the bridge is...I had to go investigate....

Armed with this bit of info "Mauser's Tater House" I was sure I'd find loads and loads of info on it when I got home....but we know how that story goes...nothing but this:
"Home, Sweet ‘Potato’, Home - Tater pad gets new use

The Mauser Tater House that was used for many decades to cure and store sweet potatoes is now going to have a very different use — a historical learning tool located at Bunker Hill Cover Bridge.

To read more of this story, pick up the Tuesday print edition of Catawba County's community newspaper, The Observer News Enterprise, at newsstands throughout the county."

Not having the print edition of the Catawba County newspaper I have no idea what the rest of the story is...but I did find this picture of the tater house travelling down the road from the same story above:

I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats wanting more but that's all I have for ya! Linking up with Tom's Tuesday's Treausers

School starts tomorrow :( so sad that our summer is over...have to take the boys in for haircuts today, I'm getting one too! Happy Tuesday!


  1. first I thought that it might be a large smoke house, but curing sweet potatoes is might close. Thanks for the entire story, something that I rarely find. I can't wait to see would you come uo with next.

  2. Oh Tanya, I absolutely LOVE this! You are like me, you have to ferret things out and learn about them. There is usually such an amazing story behind historic sites. I hope you learn more as time goes on, and can share it with us!

  3. Well, a little mystery is always good! I guess they moved it and are using it for a historical building. This is a large and splendid house just to keep potatoes in!! It would have been a great play house for kids, too. It is still in great condition except for a bit of rust on the roof. Great pictures! I had no idea sweet potatoes were given such a royal treatment.

  4. Well. Usually, it's the other way around and the print editions tell you to go online to learn more.
    I had no idea you needed to cure sweet potatoes!

  5. I wouldn't have thought of specialized storage for that.

  6. Your photos and story make this shed come to life. Great post.

  7. I figure that you are building the suspense to tell us all about it tomorrow.

    School starting already? Wow. Doesn't start until much later up in New England.

  8. Cute little house.
    In German a "Mauser" is a mancat, who is hunting mice... - so I imagine, there is living one.
    Good luck for school, very sad to begin it in the middle of summer.
    (I must have a new haircut too, will do it tomorrow)

  9. I hate it when that happens! I don't do well with loose ends and this story is frustrating. I do hope you find out more!

  10. You are such a tease Tanya 😀
    P.s. when most parents used to be so happy when their kids went back to school after the long summer hols, I was just like you, I hated it.. wonder if there's something wrong with us 😀😀

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