Friday, September 22, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 144

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Last Saturday Nick and I went to the Harvest Festival at the Booker T. Washington National Monument

There were is the census taker talking with Mrs. Burroughs the plantation owner...we've seen the woman in the blue dress at another event a few years back speaking about Sandusky...if you search in my blog for Sandusky you will find her! She's really good!

Now the census taker is speaking with the slaves...they are listed as "property" :(

In all of our visits to Booker T's, this was the first time we've seen the was neat...

There was quite a big turn out!

That's my 5 this week! I hope you will join in too! Post 5 randoms, link back and visit others! Have a great weekend!

For more info on the Booker T Washington National Monument Click Here


  1. That is super cool.....I love re-enactments but only ever seen one at Hampton Court...home of Henry VIII

  2. I love reenactments and historical places like the Booker T Washington National Monument. Learn a lot! Fun post. Happy Friday and Thanks for hosting!

  3. It looks like they took great pains to be historically accurate. True?

  4. People do like to dress up and pretend they're someone else...I think it starts in childhood. But these re-enactments can be fun and educational.

  5. Re-enactors adds a very different touch to such a place!

  6. What a fantastic Living History event at Booker T. Loved your photos!

  7. Wonderful pictures of a time gone by. It all looks so real, one would never know they are reenactors in modern times. Was that a real baby in the lady's arms? The costumes are colorful, too. Is the little cabin old, or built for this occasion?

  8. What a fabulous experience. Thanks for hosting!

  9. This is wonderful! I absolutely love visiting such places & with reenact ours there is even better!
    Happy weekend!

  10. I love this kind of thing. You captured it well!

  11. I love these re enactments at these neat historical places and especially this time of year.

  12. Those kind of events are always fun to attend. This one looked quite interesting.

  13. That was really interesting to see. We don't tend to have much in the way of re-enactment here in South Australia, except maybe something about when Europeans first landed here, but I have never attended one.

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :D

    Best wishes,

  14. Looks like a great event! Glad you got good photos of it for us to see.


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