Friday, May 1, 2020

May Theme Day - Shopping

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Lowe's . Bonsack . Roanoke County

When the City Daily Photo themes were chosen little did we know what shopping would look like in May.

I took this picture yesterday while I worked. Lowe's is considered an essential business so we are open. Most people come in and shop wearing face masks now. This man is being extra cautious by wearing his face mask and a shield. Lowe's is offering curbside pick up as well right now but still a lot of people like to come in and shop.

Starting on Monday it is mandatory for Lowe's employees to wear a face mask.

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  1. sure has changed.

  2. Out of 100 people here I feel like I see one mask per 100 people. That is outside....there are more inside like at stores. So maybe that is why I feel like I dont' see hardly any. Hope you and your family are all well and healthy! I try to keep up with y'all on instagram!

  3. I hope you are able to protect yourself at work!

  4. I wear a mask to shop, but wearing one all day will get hot. Stay well.

  5. I wear one sometimes, if it's mainly outdoors, then no. which reminds me, I need some vegetables and hope our local lowes has them

  6. Just talked to the cash-out lady. The mask drives her nuts. And I could hardly see her, glasses get foggy.


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