Friday, June 18, 2021

SkyWatch Friday - The James River


The James River . Monroe . Va

A couple of weeks back we took a little scenic drive to Big Island…pretty scenery…this portion of the James is just a few miles down from the Otter Lake Dam in Monroe…

There were a lot of people out kayaking…if you zoom in on the rocks you can see a pair of kayakers found a great spot to hang out!

These views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are AHmazing!

If you zoom in again you can see a bunch of little people that look like ants enjoying the river! I took this from wayyyy up high!

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  1. The sky, the mountains, the river, they are all just perfect shots, so beautiful! I love your perspectives! And the last photo actually looks like a little fishing hole!

  2. The views over the river are so pretty! Looks like a fun place to kayak.

  3. Idyllic summer scenes, Beautiful!!

  4. Oh how I love the mountains. Beautiful pictures.


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