Monday, August 16, 2021

Monday Murals - Free Falling


The Lofts at West Station . 357 Salem Ave SW . Roanoke

Probably the most written about mural in Roanoke so it’s very easy to find info on this one…makes me sad for the others though that don’t get all the media attention…anyway…I can’t help to think of the song by Tom Petty, Free Falling…which also reminds me of a few years back being at a high school football game and finding out that Tom Petty just died and I was sitting by Dalton’s old girlfriend and I remember saying “Oh how sad, Tom Petty just died” and she said “Who?, Pom Petty?” So he will forever be Pom Petty to me haha…

Anyways, back to the mural…this awesome piece of work was painted by James Bullough back in 2018…US born, Berlin resident came all the way out to little old Roanoke to create this and we thank him! 

To read more about the mural and Bullough Click Here

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  1. I can actually feel the movement as she is in free fall. The way you photographed this was enhanced by the electricity lines. This is a beautiful mural and I think it deserves the attention it seems to get.

  2. I couldn't get anything on your link; it wanted me to subscribe first. But I love seeing this mural. The first thing I thought of was the Tom Petty song as well.

  3. Wow, that is a spectacular mural. Great find.

  4. Great looking mural. Tom Petty was a unique musician.

  5. It's a fantastic mural, you almost feel her falling.
    I had seen this mural on Instagram maybe...
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.


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