Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuesday’s Treasures - Michie Tavern


Michie Tavern . 683 Thomas Jefferson Parkway . Charlottesville 

That’s my friend Lisa! After touring Monticello (I’ll post that later!) we worked up an appetite haha…we decided to stop here for lunch!

There was a bit of a wait but the line moves super quick!

If you are in the area I highly, highly recommend stopping here!! The food is delicious…especially the fried chicken!

Michie, pronounced Mickie, was built in 1784…it has a really interesting history that you can read about HERE !

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  1. What a great looking establishment. Amazing.

  2. We've been here! I think this is the first place you have posted where we have actually been. It is quite a place, and you captured it well.

  3. Nice! I've looked at it but I don't think we ate there.

  4. That's a great trip. We need to do it again sometime. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.


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