Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February Theme Day - Virtue


Thomas Chapel . Bedford 

Over the weekend Nick and I were just driving some back roads and came upon this old church…

Hmmm what’s that sign say?…

I’ve never seen a sign like this before…

What’s this little Buddha doing here?

So many questions…

So when I got home I Googled Thomas Chapel…

Thomas Chapel was built in 1844…

I found that info HERE
If you want to visit the website there is also a short video showing the inside of the church.

I am going to follow this and see how I can get involved!

To see more on this theme from all over the world visit City Daily Photo


  1. How neat! Thanks for sharing, this little church was actually a really cool thing for you to stumble across. I love their message!

  2. Reglieons are all about virtues


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