Monday, April 21, 2008

A Boy And His Dog

Christian and Daisy


  1. bienvenu dans le monde des DP.
    une belle composition, ils attendent le retour de la maîtresse de maison ?

    Welcome to the world of DP.
    A beautiful composition, are awaiting the return of the lady of the house?

  2. Bienvenue, welcome! Your first photos are really inviting and I love your banner. Thank you for visiting Arradon DP and taking time to write some words, always appreciated.

  3. Hi Olivier! Actually I think he's waiting for his sister to come back with our other dog Crockett,lol. The kids were dog walking and switched dogs!

    Hi Alice, thank you so much!

    Hi Mary Stebbins Taitt, thank you!

  4. The oldest story, a boy and his dog. Can there be a better story?

  5. Welcome on Daily photo and long life in your blog.

    a beautiful banner

  6. I really like your photos! It's inspiring me to go out learn more about the history of Owasso...also, thanks for welcoming me to the group.

  7. Welcome,

    I love this photo, you couldn't have maunfactured this better. It's such a natural loving image.

  8. I have to agree with Dusty Lens, a boy and his dog - perfect photo.

  9. A beautiful photo of childhood. I am glad they have each other.

  10. This is going to be a fun blog isn't it? I love your photos and I am enjoying discovering other Daily Photo blogs from around the world. Thanks for sharing this with is Tanya.



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