Thursday, April 17, 2008

Walton County Courthouse


Back side...there is a nice little shaded pavillion to sit and relax from a hot summers day!

I've found myself following the City Daily Photo blogs and enjoy them so much that I wanted to join in the fun and learn about the town and county I live in!

I am starting with the Walton County Courthouse. It is one of my favorite buildings in Monroe (or even Walton County for that matter!) and just seems like a good place to start since it's the hub of Monroe's beautiful downtown historic district.

Location: Monroe

Date Built: 1883-84

Architectural Style: Second Empire

Designer: Bruce and Morgan

Other Information: Shortly after Walton County was created in Dec. 1818, court was held in a cow barn. Other buildings served as seat of government until the county's first courthouse was completed in 1823. That building served until 1845, when another courthouse was built. Walton County's third -- and current -- courthouse was completed in 1884. The clock tower was added in 1910, and the building underwent major restorations in 1933 and 1996. The 1996 renovation left the building's exterior in pristine condition. Additionally, the large courtroom on the second floor was restored, and the purpose of the courthouse was changed from a general-purpose county government building to a facility for holding superior court trials. As a result, county judicial and administrative officials and departments are housed in a number of courthouse annexes situated immediately across the streets to the north, west, and south of the courthouse square, while the Walton County commission has its own building at the rear of the courthouse.

Historical information copied from: Carl Vinson Institute of Government, The University of Georgia

For the county courthouse historical marker:

click here


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  5. Welcome on Daily Photos!!!

    Nice place and most of all .. sunny!!! We are having a horrible Spring up to now .. always raining!

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  7. Welcome to the daily photo community! Nice to have another small, southern town on board!
    Gorgeous courthouse! What part of Georgia is Monroe in?

  8. Hi Patrizia, thanks for the visit and hoping you get some sunshine soon!

    Thanks Ben!!

    Thanks Rambling! Monroe is about an hour east of Atlanta. Still too close in my opinion as the Atlanta sprawl has reached here and lovely farmland is being turned in to cookie cutter subdivisions and strip malls, ugh!

  9. Welcome Tanya !!
    Nice shots...
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  10. I think I've ridden through Monroe on the way to South Ga -- can't wait to see more pics! :)

  11. Appealing building and a comprehensive description, there is always something to learn and I hope to look out for more of your work when I can visit again.

  12. Very pretty picture of a pretty building. Welcome to the the DP world.

  13. Thanks for this picture. I enjoy veiwing all kinds of architecture so this blog should make for fun following as well as your others. Good luck and I hope you enjoy this journey too.

  14. Hi Tanya,

    Nice blog you got here and thanks for visiting my Johannesburg Daily photo blog.

    I just love the old styled houses and buildings and I must admit that you managed to capture them in the right angle especially the second one.

  15. Hi, I found it true too that in order to write even a little about what I see I have to find out more about the history of my city - and it's very interesting. I also find I see more all the time - things that I used pass without seeing.


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