Wednesday, May 14, 2008

4H Awards Ceremony

Last night was the Walton Co 4H Awards Ceremony, held at Youth Middle School. My daughter, has been active in the 4H since we moved here. 4H is a great organization for local kids to get involved in their community.
Ashlyn received 3 awards: 1) Horse Quiz Bowl Team 2) DPA and 3) Georgia State Fair winner. She was also on the Horse Judging Team, as always, but unfortunately couldn't make it to state competition due to a prior obligation.
This weekend, some of the kids from 4H, Ashlyn included, are making flower arrangements to enter the Flower Show at St. Albans Church in Monroe.
Refreshments were served after the awards ceremony. They had quite a spread of cakes and cupcakes. I like the big 4H cake! I behaved and didn't have any though, just a glass of punch!
And just what do all those "H's" stand for in 4H?
Head to clearer thinking
Heart to greater loyalty
Hands to larger service
Health to better living


  1. Your daughter did great, congrats! I never knew what the 4 H's stood for. I will take one H please....from the cake.

  2. félicitation et bravo pour ta fille. c'est une bonne idée cette association.
    Greetings and congratulations for your daughter. this is a good idea that association.

  3. Gongrats to your daughter. I was a 4H leader for 15 years--horse, of course. Our county fair is in Monroe---Washington LOL. MB

  4. "Louis" is pleased to see that the 4-H is still around - this took "Louis" back to his youth in the Texas Panhandle. Perhaps the 4-H exists in smaller, rural California towns, but you certainly won't find it in urban California cities such as where "Louis" now lives!

  5. You must be very proud of your smart cookie!

  6. My first thought seeing the shamrock was ... hmm ... she's confused. Today's not St. Paddy's Day LOL!

    Congratulations to your daughter. Valuable lessons and memories for a lifetime.

  7. What a good initative. The cakes look yummy!

  8. 4-H!!

    Here is a blasty from my childhood. I was never part of 4-H but I gre up in a small farmng town, so many people I knew were.

    I remeber when many of my friends bought their first cow.


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