Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wrestling in Monroe

Yesterday, my husband saw a sign at a local market for a wrestling event being held. Our boys love the WWE so we thought this would be a fun local event to take them to. It was housed in the Monroe Paintball Works buildingMonroe Paintball Works which at one time was an old cotton gin. It lies right next to the railroad tracks. The wrestling group we saw was the FWF - Future Wrestling Foundation and you can read about them Here

We all had alot of fun. There were quite a few kids and the kids got really caught up in all the action, yelling at the wrestlers and their managers, and the wrestlers and managers would yell back at them. My husband and I laughed the whole night! We also were suprised to find out one of the wrestlers turned out to be my husbands barbers brother! He's the one in the red swim trunks and blond hair.
During intermission, the wrestlers were all very friendly with the kids and signed autographs.

The top photo is of 2 of my boys, Braden and Dalton getting their picture taken with the wrestler "Loco Motive".
They had a couple of favorites: Psycho Man, who wore clothes from the mental health hospital, a good guy named Rob Russo, who stood up for the fans in Monroe when all the other wrestlers called us "trailer trash" lol and a scary looking wrestler who is named "Leather Face" and comes out with a mask, waving a chain saw. But it turns out he's one of the good guys too.

A fun night was had by all!


  1. Looks like fun. They have wresting shows in Terrell at the Armory. I have always wanted to go, but usually find out about it the next morning.

  2. And Iron Man was there too!

  3. Just goes to show that one should always stay on friendly foot with one's spouse's barber. He just might have a wrestling brother! ;)

  4. Kids generally enjoy this sort of thing. What surprises me is the number of adults who adore this! Just look at how popular WWE is on TV!

  5. belle photo, j'adore les catcheurs, surtout ce catch amateur.
    beautiful photo, I love catcheurs, especially the amateur catch.

  6. Your boys are proud to be in photo next to this giant

  7. I'm glad you had fun! Isn't that a perfect evening? Lots of laughing and shouting. I'm sure everyone had a good time.

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  9. Cute pic indeed, and what a difference to whom they love now :-)
    Wrestling is not popular here, reckon you cannot watch it life. I only know it from... The Simpsons!


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