Thursday, July 16, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

It's fun to stay at the YMCA...the song that transcends time. All generations know this song! This was taken at our 4th of July festivities in Roanoke. The clouds moved in and we got a few sprinkles but then it cleared up nicely for the fireworks.

To see skies from all over the world, visit SKYLEY!

Happy skywatching :)


  1. I once did the YMCA on holiday. It was on the steps of a bar and all the passers by stopped and clapped! I did it with a couple of friends. Too many cocktails that night! Lol!

    Great SWF and thanks for the memory :)

  2. hey there ms tanya.
    cute post.
    yes, it was cloudy off/on for us at lake moonmaw on the 4th. though i was able to enjoy the fireworks that evening.
    take care

  3. Yooo Hooo... Great to see you post today! Miss you here in bloggy land girlfriend.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. My daughter was listening to that song earlier this week!

  5. I see You have fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. It's known as the wedding recption song here. Great enthusiastic catch.

  7. Of all of the songs from the 70s thats the one we all know. I remember it was catchy back then too.

  8. We haven't seen much from you lately but it's always great when Around Roanoke pops up. And it looks as if your time has been packed with fun...that's a very good thing.

  9. Fun photo today and the clouds look like a downpour, but so glad to hear it was just a few sprinkles. Sprinkles are fun on a hot day, then we can be like Gene Kelly, we can go 'Singin' and Dancin' In the Rain."

  10. We did YMCA at both of the weddings I went to last month! You must be having a busy summer Tanya. I know you are having fun with the kids!


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