Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Theme Day - Red

First of the month means Theme Day amongst the City Daily Photo Community.

Sunday was the Nascar race at Martinsville. It was cold and rainy and was eventually cancelled and rescheduled for Monday. Monday was a beautiful, sunny day at the race, two major extremes!

My contribution is the red McDonalds car, and I admit to completely forgetting about theme day this month till I saw Jilly's lady in red!

Happy Theme Day!

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  1. Nice choice, I wish my driver could have won. :-(

    Kyle Busch

  2. Perfect for Theme Day Tanya!

  3. Excellent! I would love to drive those.

  4. Thank you for the many memories, nearly passing by as fast as your car, of returning home on Sunday morning, after getting up at 04.30 to work - able to sit me down and watch those races, mostly falling asleep soon though ;)
    A wonderful Good Friday for you all.

  5. I can hear the roaring from here :-)

    Happy Easter !


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