Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Country Roads

The road leading out of Craig Creek Rec Area....

How is your weather where you are at? We have had unseasonably warm weather, in the upper 80's/90's and I'm loving it! The kids are out of school for spring break this week, so happy they are getting nice warm weather to enjoy their time out of school!


  1. You have nice scenery there. They look like oak trees. So many of those here in New York also. I am glad it is warmer. Too much snow this winter we had.

  2. Love these country roads with the wooden fences..
    Beautiful photograph .
    have a nice day.

  3. Love that green grass & the country road! Our weather here in Se Mo has been BEAUTIFUL! In the 70's & the green has come to life & the flowers & blooms! I LOVE SPRING!
    Today has been a bit cloudy & they're callin for tstorms tonight, but that's ok - as long as it isn't HOT OR COLD!

  4. Country roads, take me home... to the place where I belong. :)

    This is a nice bucolic scene.

  5. Beautiful place for a walk. Nice shot.
    Darryl and Ruth : )


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