Tuesday, May 11, 2010

With Warmer Weather...

The snakes come out. We spotted this Black Rat Snake at Craig Creek a couple of weeks ago. Nick was bothering him so he took off inside of a tree. Later, Nick found him dangling upside down from a vine hanging down inside the tree. That would have been a cool picture except for my batteries died and by the time I got over there anyway, the snake had already went back up inside the tree again.

I've featured many Black Rat Snakes on this blog in the past and you can catch up on them HERE


  1. That would make a nice soup somewhere in Asia.

  2. Respect upon having the nerves to take the picture. Is it dangerous?
    With about 90F until the weekend, it is warm over here as well, luckily so far haven't met any snake so far.
    Please have a nice Wednesday.

    daily athens

  3. You can keep your snake. I would panic if I met up with that snake. Better you than me. That is a good shot of the snake anyway. It looks like he is becoming a ham when it comes to taking his picture. He says, "Oh, no here comes the crazy lady with the camera, if I pose nice she will leave me alone." hee, hee.

  4. He is sticking his tongue out at you Tanya!

  5. I think snakes are beautiful. They don't scare me. They may SURPRISE me if I stumble upon one and I might let out a scream. But they don't really scare me. One time Kurt and I got into a little tiff because he wanted to kill a copperhead. See my story "The Do-Nothing Technique" about how I saved its life, lol.

  6. He must have somehow escaped from the halls of Congress...


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