Monday, April 11, 2011

Blue Collar Joe's

Last night our very own Blue Collar Joe's was on Food Network battling it out in a donut contest. BCJ (Blue Collar Joe's) is a local donut shop, but much more as well. He has yummy donuts of course(my boy's favorite is the Botetourt Bog, named after our county, which is a ton of chocolate wrapped up in a pretty little donut). There's also awesome smoothies and a lunch menu. He's a super supporter of the community and animals (shelter dogs in particular) and just an all around great guy! Although he didn't win the Food Network challenge, he's still a local winner!

Hungry now?!

The picture above is from last summer when BCJ's hosted a donut eating contest, which was a really fun community event!


  1. I've never been there - but now I feel like I should!

  2. I watched that last night. It was fun to see him on TV.

  3. we did too anita! lisa, you have to! i believe he just opened a second shop in roanoke somewhere. (but ours is the best, it's the original lol)

  4. I would love that place. Do you always get the same type of donut, or with all of the different types, do you experiment?

  5. honestly jim, i don't really get any donuts but i take the boys and they are loyal to the botetourt bog lol....i did pick up a donut with reeses pieces on it the other day for one of my daughter's friends, it was her birthday and that's her favorite...and my husband stops in for coffee almost every morning on his way to work!

  6. i think i've had the equivalent of the chocolate donut here, and the reeses one sounds good too! =)

    i was curious after your comment, and found live ladybugs for sale on amazon!! i don't remember it as a kid, but think it's kinda cool =)


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