Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gettysburg - 90th PA Memorial

This is the memorial for the 90th Pennsylvania. It's in the shape of an oak tree shattered by artillery fire. The story goes, that during the fight there, the tree was hit by artillery fire and the limbs fell among the men. On the ground was a robin's nest, filed with, shaken, but unharmed babies. A soldier, witnessing the scene, picked up the nest, and under heavy fire and great risk to his own life, the soldier climbed up the shattered stump and replaced the nest. Today, Bronze accoutrements, a knapsack, a rifled musket, and a canteen are slung over one of the shattered branches. Ivy, also sculpted in bronze, has begun to grow up the shattered trunk. At the top of the tree is a bronze nest with baby birds resting inside. Perched on the nest, the mother bird watches over her brood. The intention was to symbolize are generation of life amidst the debris of battle and the start of a new era of peace and goodwill.


  1. Nice photo and a fascinating background history- thanks!


  2. Tanya, I know that I have not commented to much here on your Blog, but I do keep a watch on it most of the time. This is a outstanding Post.

    I have been to Gettysburg on a few occasions in the past, but I don't even think I remember seeing this tree on the battlefield. By looking at your Image and making it larger I can see where the Railroad Cut is just below. Here there was some fierce fighting between the Union & Confederate Armies.

    Your story of the tree is just great. I would have never known why is was there and what each thing there really meant. It's just too bad that the original tree could not last this long. The next time that I go back to Gettysburg, I have to see this place for myself.

    Be well.

  3. Based on a real event or not, it is a beautiful legend and a life-affirming monument.


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