Monday, June 20, 2011

Festival Food

Saturday we went to Floyd County's Antique Farm Day festival. It was ok, I wouldn't call it a festival, just a big yard sale and auction, but they did have fair food. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and home made ice cream (which was yummy!).

Haven't been posting obviously...was having internet problems. I've been using Google Chrome now and it seems to have cured my issues.


  1. I love google chrome, and deep fried oreos.

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  3. I wonder if I need to do this Google Chrome thing because I can't access my Google account to comment on some blogs I follow. One of them I'm really mad about--Zenmama's--because she blogs about having breast cancer and she probably thinks I'm ignoring her because I can't comment!


Hi! I'm so happy you've stopped by and always enjoy your comments :)