Monday, July 25, 2011

Whiskey Still - Mabry Mill

One of the many displays at Mabry Mill is a whiskey still. While my husband was looking at the still and reading about it, this man asked him if he wanted to know how a still works. Nick of course said "yes, I would"! The elderly gentleman in the above photo is Franklin Delano Williams. He was there visiting Mabry Mill with a friend of his but gave us a great history on stills and running moonshine in Franklin County (which by the way is The Moonshine Capital of the World and recalled his own earlier days when he was making and running moonshine, spent some time in jail and even escaped a chain gang!! He really had some stories to tell and we were so lucky to run into Mr. Williams!


  1. You guy's were very lucky to hear what this fella had to say. I can just bet that he was just full of stories from his "Moonshine" Day's.

    Since, I had some Family down in Tennessee years ago, I had taken my Mother down to Greenville, TN to see the ole' place for the last time. In the process, we stopped by to see what little Family is left. While visiting one member of the Family, who lives back in the "hills of Tennessee, I was offered this clear liquid that was in a mason jar. I asked what it was. It was "Shine" gotten from some distillery back in the hills. I tasted it and found it just awful! Smelled like gasoline and burned my innards! How they can drink that stuff, is beyond me. Was told that you have to "acquire" a taste for it. No thanks.

  2. I love it when someone who REALLY know about a bit of history is so willing to share what they know. What a nice guy!

  3. tanya....hope you got the rain today that we had in is so much nicer tonight. your news says the heat is returning, but i hope channel 10 is wrong. love the all guy photo...your twins are getting cuter and cuter. take care and you all have a good week together. genie

  4. Well that was informative, just what I needed to know. ; )

    The pic of the family and new friend is nice. The boys are growing into quite the handsome bunch.

  5. You have a wonderful family Tanya !


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