Friday, May 22, 2015

Abandoned Main Street X & Willy Nilly 5 No. 44

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For today's Willy Nilly I am going to wrap up my Pamplin City we go....
This little building looks like it's getting a make-over!

This little lady came out of no-where...she came running as soon as we got there...said we set off an alarm because we touched a building...she then carried on a conversation with us and herself...bless her she is giving my husband a much "unwanted" tour lol....she was nice anyway....

The old Pamplin City train depot...donated by Norfolk Southern and now used as a library. Yay! This is located across the street from the bank I showed you...if you are following...there will be a test...just joking...maybe ;)

The back-side of one of the buildings I've shown the ghost signs!

Another back view of another building...the backs look like they are in a little bit better shape than the fronts right?!

Now it's your 5 randoms, link up and visit others! Have a great Memorial Weekend (if you are an American!) and take a moment to thank those who gave all .... I am taking a break till Tuesday...will catch up then!

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  1. YEAH, they are renovating one! I wonder what there is for that lady to guard? She sure is on her toes. And the buildings are alarmed. Wonder if that is to keep homeless people out?

  2. Stunning photos! I like this abandoned buildings and their colors (in contrast with rust)
    Have a nice weekend, thanks for hosting

  3. A Ghost Town with alarmed buildings?! Have a great weekend!

  4. #1 To good to see that it being restored.
    #2 I never knew that you were so alarming.
    #3 I'm not good at tests.
    #4 Love ghost signs.
    #5 Man this area need a bunch of TLC.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. The people we meet when we're out on the street ;) Thanks for your Pamplin City photos over the last few weeks.

  6. The ghost sign is excellent. That's crazy about the alarm!

  7. This entire series is amazing - thank you - I would totally visit that library . . .

  8. i bet she has a heckuva time giving folks 'tours'. :)

  9. Love the great old buildings, especially the train station!

  10. Those ghost signs stand out so well.

  11. Hi Tanya,
    While the rust on the door, in the last picture, may not do much to boost the real estate around there, certainly looks nice from an artistic POV - if you ask me.
    Was it Cat Stevens who sang, "Will they keep on building higher until there is no more room up there?". Do we really need lots of new housing and office building, when many of these can be fixed-up and put to good use?
    Something for us all to consider, I reckon.
    Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!
    Peace :)

  12. This has been a great series of the old places in Pamplin City. Enjoy your long weekend :)

  13. What a neat post this has been. This place is weird (a bit creepy) but so fascinating too. I laughed about the lady coming out of no where when you touched one of the buildings. Reminded me of when I visited Hurst Castle in CA and someone stepped off the rug area...bells went off & scared everyone to death.

  14. Looks like an abandoned sort of place with an alarm :). Cute story.

  15. Nice end to a nice series.

  16. I like old train stations! Bet it makes a nice library.

  17. Abandon or under construction? Hard to tell.


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