Thursday, April 16, 2020

Got Guns?

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Big Boy Guns . 4568 Blue Ridge Blvd . Blue Ridge . Botetourt County

Yesterday was a really nice day..spent a couple of hours with Nick and Ozzy at the creek...just need to social distance as nobody else is around! On the way home Nick decided he wanted a cigar so we stopped at the little smoke shop near our house...attached is a gun shop with people lined up outside...I waited in the truck as I don't care to go into the smoke shop...ewww!

Anyways...I just don't get people freaking out over guns and ammo right now...but it is happening...I'm not anti gun...I grew up in a family who loved guns...all my family members had gun safes with locks to hold their guns, including my kids would never dream of touching them. We belonged to a Gun Club and all of our family (grandparents, Uncle and cousins) would camp there almost every we had so many friends that were also members...I have so many great memories and learned gun safety at an early age along with all the kids that were members...I had my own 22 when I proved that I was responsible...the gun club held competitions for the adults and then separate competitions for us kids...we had so much fun and learned respect for the guns and would never touch one without an adult...
Then my high school sweetheart who I married joined the Marine Corps...he was a grunt and of course into shooting....we had a few guns at home...kept them locked when not in use...
So I guess my point is I see on Facebook so many people freaking out that they need a gun/guns and these are people that I don't particularly trust with one...I'm just scratching my head at this new phenomenon of gun toting...I do live in a open carry state so seeing someone with a gun on their hip in public doesn't worry me as I feel these are typically good people who I feel safe around that my be able to stop a crazy situation.
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Today I am thankful for a great afternoon spent with my daughter and her pups...after Nick, Ozzy and I got home Ashlyn and I went for a walk at a park I really like...we would have taken Ozzy but sadly at his age (9) it is alot for his joints 🙁
Anyways it was a great day!!
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  1. ...just what the world doesn't need is more guns!

  2. I just don't understand WHY so many more people are buying guns now! Do you have a clue? It's not like you can shoot and kill the virus!

  3. No idea why people are stocking up on guns right now? Hope they are not intending to shoot someone with the dreaded virus. Does not seem rational.

  4. People seem to think there's a zombie apocalypse.

  5. Seems like a scary place to live.

  6. I don't understand the gun thing either. Being worried about running out of toilet paper is a little more understandable, lol. Thanks for linking up.

  7. Same here. I also wait outside when Hubby, who promised me to stop smoking his pipe by his birthday, which was in September!!! - buys that darn tobacco.

    I was maybe 10 when my Dad gave me his loaded P38 and explained if an intruder is there I should shoot him, but keep one left to shoot in the ceiling and tell the police that was a warning.
    He left me with my 3-year old Brother. Worst evvening of my life!

    What?! You can see people wearing guns openly?!
    Police came to arrest my cancer sick Mum for not having bought a security container for that darn P38, how ever they found out. My Brother could help, but wee.

    These days, imagine:
    An intruder stands near your bed at night to rob you.
    "Wait. I need to get the key to the container to get the gun out to protect me and scare you off!"
    "Wait, I need the key to the container where the bullets are..."
    "Wait, I need to load my gun now..."

    Welcome to Germany ;-)


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