Monday, February 7, 2022

Monday Murals - Beautiful View


Wasena Park . Roanoke

This mural was created by Jared Bader of Philadelphia. It is titled “Beautiful View “ which is what Wasena translates to in Native American.  

I found this on RoanokeVa.Gov

Also nearby I noticed this trash can!

It says “Howbert Farm”…obviously I had to go home and find out more info…

This house once stood on the corner of Floyd Ave and Main St in Wasena…It was part of the Howbert Farm. The picture is taken from the original in 1895…that is the Custer Family posed on the porch…

I found a copy of that picture on VirginiaRoom.Org

Now I need to go back and find this house:
I learned all of this just because of a pretty little trash can!

Oh and these were taken during the summer! I just hadn’t gotten around to sharing!

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  1. That is so cool that they painted a trash can to commemorate what had been there! And the mural is beautiful, I love the colors!

  2. Love the pastel colours of the mural.
    Great story about the trash can.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Tanya.

  3. What a contrast between the beautiful art and the underbelly of the bridge! Interesting post.

  4. Do you honestly have nothing to do with your time but spam?


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