Thursday, April 7, 2022

Signs 2 - Po’ Boys BBQ


Copper Hill, Va

Well hi! Didn’t mean to be gone so long…every time I go to post I just don’t know where to start and then think to myself  “I’ll just do it tomorrow “ so here we are, a few tomorrows later lol…

Anyways on Saturday Nick and I jumped on the Blue Ridge Parkway headed to Explore Park…well part of the parkway is closed and we knew that so we followed the detour signs and then decided to head to Floyd County instead…we stumbled upon this little place and I have actually posted about it before Right Here and funny enough I now work with a man who lives in this area and knows the owner of this place! I guess it is actually open and serves food and had some good reviews on the bbq. Maybe we will get back there and try it!

I’ve got more pictures from this outing that I will share and an update from an old post in this same area…lots of abandoned stuff!

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  1. ...ah, poor Po' Boys, they have seen better days! I do love good BBQ! Tanya it's good to see you back, stay well.

  2. A true BBQ shack! Looks like a fun place.

  3. Looks very rustic. To survive the food here must be spectacular.

  4. This is such an unusual looking place!

  5. I didn't realize it was a business until I read your post. I thought it was an abandoned place.


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