Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latino Fest

Last Sunday, besides President Clinton's visit, there was a big Latino Festival downtown. We, being San Diego natives, love our Mexican food so went in search for some good vittles. We had some taquitos, different than what we are used to but still really tasty, and some tacos al pastor, delicious!

One thing about Mexican food, it's different across the United States. What is served in So Cal is "taco stand" food, carne asada burritos and rolled tacos=THE BEST FOOD EVER! You can't find that kind of Mexican food outside of Southern California. When we first left Ca back in 2001, we missed it so badly that we had my mom Fed Ex us some burritos and rolled tacos out to Missouri,lol. Funny, not long after moving to Springfield, Mo a Mexican stand opened up that served our type of Mexican food. We were in Heaven, and funny enough after we left Missouri, this place closed down. Were we the ones keeping them in business?

Anyways, we had a fun time at the festival and I did feel a bit like my friend
Olivier over in Evry taking photos of the festival!

The Roanoke "Paparazzi" was there too and I had to lol when I saw them after my "Paparazzi and the acting dogs" post. The paparazzi asked if they could take our picture so we kindly obliged ;) Let's see how well you know me and my family, can you pick us out in a line up? (Hint: my husband and Ashlyn are photographed separate since they wandered off to pay for our parking when we were getting harrassed by the paparazzi,lol Click Here then click on "Paparazzi: Latino Festival" and see if you can find us. Besides my family, there are lots of interesting characters that were photographed!


  1. Wow Tanya! Looks like you had a great time at the festival! I'm glad you were able to get some yummy Mexican food! Great photos!

  2. Mexican food is very good...

    Nice fest ???

    Have a good day...

  3. Also love mexican food and go quite often to mexican restaurants around here, but there is nothing like trying everything (or almost everything...) IN Mexico! You have to go there to see what I mean! :-) Glad you enjoyed Latino Fest.

  4. Sounds like so much fun. I'm dancing to the music I can "hear" from your photo.

  5. Tanya, I found you and the three boys, and I think your daughter had on a LITTLE PE shirt and your husband had on a blue plaid shirt. If I was right.

  6. You're going to hate me for saying this. I've lived in S. California for 24 years and I can count how many times I've had Mexican food. I love good quality food, and having lived in Paris, though I'm not French, I love good steaks, fish and fresh vegetables. I find a lot of Mexican food is "filler." Don't kill me!!! My boys love Mexican food, so perhaps it's from being born in Denmark!

  7. Haven't tasted proper Mexican food but I love jalapenos and hot food. I am trying to grow jalapenos in my garden this year. - Dave

  8. I bet any one from San Diego likes hot and spicy Mexican food, right? In Mexico the food is extremely HOT!


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