Saturday, October 11, 2008

Peace and Serenity

Isn't this old house beautiful? I can just picture myself lounging on the porch on a hot summer's day with a tall, cold glass of lemonade, watching the kids run and play.

I love old houses. They sure don't build them like this anymore! (Look at that neat little window at the top of the house)

It's a busy weekend here in the Breese household. Football this morning and Nick is actually home the whole weekend so I'll be scarce! Hope you all have a fun and exciting weekend but don't forget to take a few moments and find some peace and serenity in your day!


  1. I hope you have fun with Nick. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Who's Nick? Yes, peace and serenity looks like it can be found in that beautiful, historical house.

  3. Peace & serenity wishes sent your way too! Enjoy your weekend with your family! I love visiting your blog every day!

  4. Hello Tanya !
    Yes Peace and Serenity in this house... Pretty shot, yes...
    Have a good weekend !
    See You later.

  5. Thanks Stacy!
    Kate, Nick is my husband, thanks for stopping by :)
    Hope, I feel the same way and enjoy my visit with you each morning :)
    Thank you Web, have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. That is a beautiful home! I love old homes like that with molding and nice features.

  7. Indeed - homes like this aren't built anymore - nor are they built on that much land! Crimony - in California, you are lucky to get a lot the size of a postage stamp!


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