Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunoco Station

"The official fuel of Nascar", will this help me to drive like Dale Jr? Speaking of fuel, gas prices have been dropping dramatically here. We are now down to $2.96! (Did I just say "down to"? Sad that we think $2.96 is great but I'll gladly take it)

And speaking of driving, since moving here we've noticed Virginia drivers are terrible tailgaters. No, not the fun kind of tailgaters with beer and bbq's but the dangerous kind that drive almost attached to your bumper.

Virginians, repeat after me: I (insert name here) do solemnly swear to never tailgate again and promise that I will always keep a safe distance from the front of my vehicle, to the rear of the vehicle in front of me, so help me God!

Other than tailgating, we love it here and the people are very friendly!

Oh, and Happy Columbus Day across the states!


  1. les couleurs de l'arc en ciel.

  2. Hello Tanya !
    Your text makes me smile...

    But what is "Happy Columbus Day across the states!" ??? I dont't know that.
    See You later.

  3. Is that a colourful roof over the gas station? Yes, fuel prices are dropping here in NZ too. Not before time! - Dave

  4. Dont drive like Dale Jr., you will never finish. LOL. Gas is down to $2.91 as of yesterday here. Hopefully its lower today.

  5. Web, Columbus Day is in honor of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas

    Reading the Wikipedia story, I just found out that Spain and some Latin American countries also celebrate. And I also found out that it's Canadian Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to those north of the border!

  6. LOL Jim, we have a split household here, some Dale Jr fans and my little Braden is a die hard Gordon fan :)

    Thanks Olivier, Web, Jim and Dave for stopping by :)

  7. Our gas is down to $3.09 as of yesterday. I told my husband, wouldn't it be nice if it goes below $3.00? And now it has, but just not where we live!

  8. You're so funny, T!

    I know! The prices are falling here in Minnesota too. Yesterday we were down to $2.75! It's been dropping once or twice a day! Isn't it funny how we're so excited for it to be under $3!

  9. 2.75?! Well fuel up and come down for a visit Kim!

  10. Happy Columbus day to you too!
    In NY state the manners in driving have drastically change, in the 25years I have been here, and not for the better!!!
    and I don't want to talk about the taxi drivers in Manhattan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Moving from Maryland to Iowa 10 years ago, I found the drivers so much more polite then in MD. In general, they do give the pedestrian the right of way, which amazed me. If I'm waiting at a corner they will wave me across and wait as I stroll across the street. And I hardly ever hear a horn blow to hurry you along, or at the red lights. As far as tailgating, I think that is found every where. I don't think some people even realize they are tailgating.

  12. P.S. Our gas prices are somewhere around $2.84. If they haven't dropped since yesterday!

  13. Taligaters. Now those I understand. ery funny text. idn't know it was Columbus day. You learn so much blogging.

  14. Yep, gas is going down here too, but not below $3 yet.
    Oh, I cannot stand those tailgaters (Not the picnicking kind!)

  15. LOL! I should invite you to come to Manila. After driving around here, you're going to think absolutely nothing about tailgating. :D

  16. Here prices have dropped to $1.9/$2.0.

    Very funny 'statement' for virginians, Tania! :-)

  17. Gas is still over $3.30 a gallon here in Utah.
    Utah has the 4th highest gas prices in the country.
    Reason given by Oil Companies; "Utah is out of the supply loop"
    Yet we have two large refineries in North Salt Lake.

    What supply loop are they referring to I wonder?


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