Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pie Judging Contest

There was also an apple pie judging contest at the Oriskany Fall Festival. In the photo above, Christian has sampled all 4 pieces of the pies that were entered and is deciding on which one to vote for. He ended up voting for number 4, as well as the rest of my family. I was the only one who voted for pie number 1. I think number 4 ended up winning. It was a bit different than your ordinary apple pie. Seems like it had a sort of cream cheese filling possibly. I'm not sure but it was very good and unique!


  1. un concours de tarte, j'aimerais bien être juge ;o)
    a competition of pie, I would well like to be judge ;o)

  2. Not a bad sort of contest, I should say! I was just about to offer my services as a judge :)

  3. apple pie with cream cheese, yumm.

  4. That sounds good. I like to put cream cheese in my strawberry pie, but never thought about putting in apple pie. I might have to try that!

  5. Was there "tarte tatin" there? That's one of my "specialties" :-)


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