Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swing Bridge

On our way home from the Oriskany Festival, we saw this swing bridge and stopped to take a look at it. It crosses Craig's Creek. The sign says only 3 people can cross it at a time. You have to walk very slowly or it really starts to swing! Nick, Christian and Braden crossed first, then Ashlyn, Dalton and I crossed while they waited for us on the other side.


  1. cela doit être amusant de prendre ce type de pont.

  2. Bridges like that... well, I love to look at them and photograph them but to walk across one just scares me to death!


  3. Fun! I would've made it swing on purpose! Did any of you? :D

  4. If I have to say, that bridge looks a bit on the "rickety" side, but I think that I'd cross it . . . very slowly.


  5. Tanya....I m always looking for swinging bridges. Now I am going to have to search out this one. I have the ones in Rockbridge County on my blog as well as the one at Douthat. I am really into them. Geniebriter


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