Friday, September 11, 2009

SkyWatch Friday-Remembering 9/11

I drove Christian to school today and this is the scene I saw. The flag at half mast with small flags lining the walkways. The kids were told to wear patriotic clothes. This is the middle school. These children were alive when 9/11 happened, but most not old enough to remember much. Christian had only turned 4 and I was still pregnant with the twins (although at that time we thought it was only 1 baby). I remember watching the Today Show while getting Ashlyn ready for school, 2nd grade. I just turned on the tv when they were talking about the plane that hit the first tower and nobody knew what to make of it when all of a sudden, we all watched in shock as the second plane hit. I took Ashlyn to school that morning then took Christian to McDonalds for breakfast and a bit of normalcy, although you couldn't get away from all the talk of what was unfolding that morning. I remember all this like it was just yesterday. I am happy our schools are reminding the children to also remember this tragic day in America's history.

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  1. It all seemed so unreal but sadly it was only too real. My husband called me and told me to turn the TV on. I couldn't believe what I saw and thought at first it must have been an accident of some kind, then with horror I saw the second plane hit. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. I am glad schools are teaching this event to children. Our school did, too. And the kids were rapt. I teach at a middle school, and all I could think while I watched these kids was that they were babies that day.

  3. Always have an easy recall of that day. And will never forget.

  4. Like I just said on CountryMagic's blog--I was living there when it happened. Right across the water. We could smell the smoke for weeks. I'm still in shock.

  5. It's amazing how time really flies! I still remember so very well every single detail of that day! It was lunch time here when the 1st plane hit the tower and I had just came back to my office when I got the first of many calls from people who were watching TV at home...


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