Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Mural - Scoop

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Freedom First Credit Union . Daleville

One day last week I had to stop and do some banking and noticed the Freedom First Ice Cream truck in the parking lot as I was leaving. Of course I was curious about it so I came home and Googled it:

"Freedom First bought an old ice-cream truck to deliver free ice cream at student,
nonprofit, and community events throughout the Roanoke and New River Valley communities. When Scoop
arrives loaded up with several different frozen treats (including sugar-free!), staff and volunteers are there
to hand out smiles and build relationships—not to sell products. Information about financial education is
available, but Scoop doesn’t carry sales brochures." (From their website)

Pretty cool huh?! Linking with Monday Murals


  1. Thats a neat idea. I like the design of the truck too.

  2. That set up would be worth a bundle but would make good money selling food at events and at the small breweries in the country.
    I saw your road when we brought my Model A down Rt 11 the other day, it is the same road that my great uncle's farm was on. He was on the end near the tracks.

  3. Bravo for Freedom First!

  4. Very interesting that they do not carry brochures, just offer the treats!

  5. Yes it is nice and colorful and the benefits it contribute to.

    Like the local Scoop.

  6. Great idea and colourful indeed!

  7. Now, This is Something to Smile About . . Thank you!

  8. LOL! That will get your attention!

  9. I think this is really nice. We need more of these around and about. I am SO tired of this rain. Feel like we are gonna float away.


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