Monday, March 28, 2016

Through My Lens - The Cherry Blossoms

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My best friend from San Diego whom I have been friends with ALL my life, was in DC this week on a field trip with her son and his 8th grade class. With her being so close, we drove up for a short visit, and to see the Cherry Blossoms!

Our normal 3.5 - 4 hour drive to DC took us 6 hours. We were wondering what was up with all the traffic.

3 words: Cherry Blossom Festival. That's why all the traffic. And all the people. I have never seen DC so crowded. I want to say there were millions wandering around but I tend to exaggerate so I'll just say, "many thousands of people". Driving, walking, standing...ugh...I don't like big crowds. It was hard to move around, it was hard to take pictures.

But look at all those beautiful blossoms!

We wanted to walk over to the Jefferson Memorial but....
quickly changed our minds. It's stressful walking through millions thousands of people.

These people had the right idea.

Because of the crowds, we decided to just leave our vehicle parked at the hotel and use the metro to get around. That was fun, and easy...well, easy once you figured out how to use it, which I never did understand...thankfully Nick caught on quick!

Our ride back home ended up only taking us the normal 3.5 hours. Next time we come up to see the Cherry Blossoms it will not be during the festival that's for sure! But my visit was more about seeing my friend, which we managed to catch up in the hotel lounge and talk for a while & had breakfast together the next day before she was loaded back on her bus for more sight seeing!

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For more info on the Cherry Blossoms CLICK HERE


  1. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful. So all those people were also there to see the cherry blossoms. I too do not like walking through big crowds.

  2. Such stunning blossoms. Everytime I see these trees I want to add some in my yard. They are truly beautiful!

  3. the pure white blossoms are amazingly beautiful

  4. A beautiful sight.
    (I've never seen it in person.)

  5. Wow, what a lot of people! I say: you must see that only one, at next one enjoy the wonderful blossom without festival... Iknow a cherry blossom festival only from Japon (from books). Beautiful photos.Have still a quiet Easter Monday

  6. Great contribution of Through My Lens. Thanks for posting these fine cherry blossom photos. It must be spring.

  7. While I envy you the opportunity to see the festival, I don't like crowds, either. You did a great job on the photos, though! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your photos of the cherry blossoms are gorgeous. Know what you mean about the crowds. We went to see them three years ago via metro and remember having that feeling of being a sardine tightly packed in a can :)

  9. Fantastic snaps of the Cherry Blossoms, Tanya.
    I remember seeing these beauties when we lived in Georgia.
    I also happen to like Dogwood blossoms.
    Well done!
    Have a Happy Week!!
    Peace :)

  10. Beautiful photos! One day I've got to go and see the cherry trees!

    -Otto's mom

  11. It's been years since I went to see the cherry blossoms. I think I'll plant one of those trees in my yard!

  12. The blossoms are glorious Tanya, I always think it's such a shame they're so short lived!

  13. The blossoms are glorious Tanya, I always think it's such a shame they're so short lived!

  14. The blossoms are a gorgeous sight, Tanya. Here it'll be more than a month before we see them.

  15. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. I'm glad you got to share this with your friend.

  16. So beautiful! I think I'd brave the crowds to see these trees all blooming!

  17. How wonderful to get to visit with your friend, and in such a glorious spot! But the crowds! I'm with you...YUK!!! :-) LOVE the cherry blossoms! I've always wanted to go when they are blooming. Loved your photos!


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