Friday, February 3, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 117

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Heading out to dinner last night (missing Nick who was downstairs getting ready and Christian who had to work :( )

This happened this week...I think on Tuesday because it was super windy...strong, STRONG winds...Thankfully the elderly neighbor that lives behind us came up and told me "a tree fell on your fence and squashed it so your dogs can walk right out"...I went and checked and sure enough, they could have walked right out if they wanted...thank goodness they didn't and I'm so thankful that man came and told me because I never go down into that part of the yard so who knows when I would have noticed...
I called Nick and he came home and cut the tree up and him and the boys blocked it with a piece of plywood for now until we can fix it this weekend...until then the dogs have to be supervised outside because I don't know how sturdy that is!

While down there I noticed a couple of more trees that fell but didn't do anymore damage to the fence...this one was kind of small...

This one kind of split in a weird way but I think it was mostly held together by vines anyway...

A random picture of Bedford...we had just parked the car and gotten out and a bunch of birds flew right over there in the corner...what kind of birds are those that fly in groups of a million?...anyways I just kind of like the gritty look of this area and thought it should be a black and I did just that ;)

I apologize for running late but I hope you will still play along! Post 5 randoms, link back and visit others!! Have a great weekend!

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  1. The wind can do so much damage. Nice you have a neighbor who looks after you and the dogs! Beautiful family photo.

  2. Birds saw your camera and wanted to be stars.

    Golly, the wind has been mischievous lately . . . glad you have great neighbors and good outcome.

  3. It has been windy here also. You sure are a smily bunch. B&W works so well.

  4. Lovely family photo!
    What a strong storm. I see a lot of green ivy, that's so nice, but it can kill a tree.
    Bird are travelling in big groups. Sometimes they fall into the garden like vandals and plunder the feeder...
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. Wow - that was quite a wind storm! I love the family selfie!

  6. Your black and white bird picture is ART! They are usually starlings. A wonderful family picture; you are such a beautiful family. We have had the same winds. We live in the Tree Streets of Waynesboro, and I guess we were really lucky! Wow, what would we do without wonderful neighbors, that could have been a disaster. Hope you had a great dinner!

  7. If a tree has to come down on any part of a property, best that it's along the fence. A neighbour once was cutting down a tree on his property, and it went the wrong way- breaking the fence and smashing into my dad's storage shed, doing a whole lot of damage.

  8. Family fun is a good thing.
    Wind storms not so much. How nice that the neighbor let you know about the broken fence. You got some neat pictures of the damaged fence and fallen trees though. - Also I liked the BW shot. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your dinner! We had a bad windstorm the other day also but no direct damage at our house - still, I hate wind and find it very scary! Glad no one was hurt there. Love the black and white shot. "Gritty" is a good description.

  10. Starlings...probably. too bad about all the tree damage. Good tho it didn't come down on the house/dogs/fsmily.

  11. You have a nice looking family! Wonderful neighbor you have...and that pic is wonderful in B&W...I bet I would not have liked it much at all in color but I LOVE it in B&W.

  12. Those were probably starlings. I once had a tree that took down a fence. Glad you dogs were safe!

  13. interesting fences thanks for sharing. Gretings from Europe

  14. It's amazing the amount of damage strong wind can cause. In a storm many years ago the wind lifted a HUGE old tree in my garden right out by the roots.. I was devastated at the loss of the tree.

  15. It's amazing the amount of damage strong wind can cause. In a storm many years ago the wind lifted a HUGE old tree in my garden right out by the roots.. I was devastated at the loss of the tree.

  16. You had a lot of damage from one storm. Lucky you have four men in the house to do lots of the heavy stuff. (That came out more sexist than I intended . . . )


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