Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Phoenix Bridge

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Phoenix Bridge in the Eagle Rock area . Botetourt County

A couple of weeks ago I saw someone post this awesome bridge on Instagram and I was wondering how in the world I didn't know about this! So the boys and I set out to find it! It was built in 1887 by Phoenix Ironworks and crosses Craig Creek.

For some interesting info on the bridge and style Click Here and for some info on Phoenix Ironworks Click Here

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2 more treasures :) these boys never leave home without a basketball!


  1. ...a bridge like many in this area, but the ornate trim on the ends is great. Thanks for sharing this week, please stop back.

  2. Wow such detail - super nice. I love your perspective...the shot with the side rails.

  3. Fantastic structure and photos of the details, Tanya!

  4. I have never seen anything like this bridge!! It would be worth it for us to go there and see it. Amazing. Your boys are SO handsome!

  5. Oh what a treasure, indeed! I love that it is in such great shape. You got some amazing photos of it, Tanya! Wonderful bit of history. The boys sure look handsome...growing up like our grandson. Just too fast! :-)

  6. I love these old bridges and this one has such nice detail!

  7. Clearly I need to pay more attention to the details on these old bridges. There are some things we just look through without noticing. Love the details in the last two frames.


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