Friday, March 3, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 120

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1) On Wednesday, the day of the storms, my yard was FULL of Robins!

2) Last Thursday when I was sick, Christian had an appointment to get his wisdom teeth pulled. I was supposed to take him but having come down with whatever I had on Wednesday night I knew I couldn't so I asked Ashlyn to take him. His girlfriend took the day off of school and went too and she was a big help with him after he got back home...taking care of him like she did so I didn't have to worry about anything. Luckily it went smooth and he has not had any pain from it at all!

3) On Wednesday of this week was Nick's LAST day in the car business. He has been in the auto/rv industry for the past 25 years. It was good to us but he was so burned out. He got his real estate license a while back and will be changing careers on Monday...going into Commercial Real Estate...we are pretty excited! It's nice to see him excited about work again!

4) This Sunday is the boys football banquet. Yes football was over in November and for some reason we never had a banquet and I had forgotten about it until last month when I recieved notification about it coming up. Don't know what took so long but I'm excited to see everyone, it should be fun!

5) I think I told you that Nick got me an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas? Well I got my results back and boy was I surprised!
Here they are:
Asia < 1% Trace Regions < 1% Asia South < 1% Other Regions Tested Asia East 0% Asia Central 0% Europe 99% Ireland 38% Europe East 22% Scandinavia 22% Europe West 6% Trace Regions 11% Iberian Peninsula 5% Italy/Greece 4% Finland/Northwest Russia < 1% European Jewish < 1% Great Britain < 1% What I was most surprised about was the Scandinavian because I haven't researched that at all and didn't even know I had a drop of Scandinavian in me...this will be fun to investigate further! That's my 5 this week! I hope you will play along too!! List 5 randoms, link back and visit others! Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Wow, you must have an awesome dentist! When our son had his wisdom teeth pulled, he had quite a bit of pain for several days.this is an exciting career change! It sounds like a really nice job. And it will be so much fun to see the excitement people have at buying a new home. Your singing robin picture is absolutely awesome! It should be in a magazine. What surprising DNA results!

  2. Such a cute photo!
    Interesting DNA-Test results, my love says, he is saving money for this test...
    I'm not in the mood for web activities at the moment, will back next week or later.
    Good luck for Nicks new job and have a nice weekend

  3. What a Busy Week! I hope YOU are much better - Lots of Robins here, too . . . amazing, (Along with many other birds, I thought they were early, but . . well - there ya go - I'm not the boss)

  4. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth yanked... I had a bad reaction to it.

  5. ...Tanya, it looks like you are Heinz 57 like most of us.

  6. ...Tanya, it looks like you are Heinz 57 like most of us.

  7. I saw robins the other day too! My DNA showed I'm mostly European with 2% neanderthal!

  8. The Robins seems to like storms. I photographed some in January in a Snow storm here. - Good luck to your hubby on the new career change. I don't really want to know my DNA Ancestry. I guess I've always been told my ancestors were German and that was good enough for me. It is surprising though how many different percentages you had from the different regions.

  9. Very nice! Love all of the branches surrounding the robin!


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