Thursday, June 1, 2017

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Nature

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These were taken from our stay at The Homestead earlier in the month. Since I've barely shown you around I figured today's theme of "Nature" was a good excuse to show you around the grounds of the hotel...and I am sorry, I grouped a few so I could give you a tour ;) ...Now let's go!
Here's another neat old car pulling up for you auto enthusiasts...I've shown a couple in the past week or so...there was a Bentley convention going on at the same time we were there...
We didn't use the pool as it was a pretty cool weekend while we were there...looks inviting though doesn't it?
Golf is pretty huge at The Homestead and this little mini golf course gets them learning early I guess ;)
I love this hall...we used it a few times to access the little downtown of Hot Springs ...
I think this would be fun to do! I would like to try it out when we come back with the boys one day!

So that's my Theme Day post featuring "nature" and for more interpretations on the theme, visit City Daily Photo

And since it is Thursday I am thankful for summer time schedules...ahhhh, my favorite time of year! Linking up with Michelle's Thankful Thursday

Have a great day :)


  1. That it is truly a gorgeous place. And you say it has golf courses, also. I'm on my way!

  2. Every single picture is gorgeous! The first one looks like a postcard, with the beautiful sky and perfect angle. I love the creek, and the pool area is so pretty. I did not know they have a miniature golf course. It is all so lush and green.

  3. What a beautiful place and the segues look like fun - definitely need to try that!

  4. What a fabulous place to stay. Only a bed and breakfast in wine country would have such beautiful grounds where I live.

  5. That first photo looks like a picture puzzle! Beautiful! It looks so cool and pleasant there!

  6. A very picturesque place to spend time there.

  7. What a beautiful place to stay! I do like that pool and the mini golf looks fun. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  8. So nice to see Nature so well trimmed and orderly.


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