Monday, June 26, 2017

More Street Art

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Wilson Hughes Gallery. 117 Campbell Ave SW . Roanoke . 24011

The last couple of weeks I have shown you bits of the wall of the Wilson Hughes's the rest!

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  1. ...nice and creepy, just the way I like it.

  2. The vivid woman's face in the third to last and second to last really stand out.

  3. Double WOW!!! I LOVE it. My favorite is the bird holding her chicks in her wings. I also like the woman who appears to be made from a coiled basket (in the first picture). There is so much to look at, I would have to spend an hour here!

  4. These art alleys are wonderful places for muralists to show their work. Always fun to discover these places.

  5. A creative art street. What a wonderful find, a mixture of creepy to surreal, I like it.
    Thanks for sharing this gem.

  6. These are excellent. I like that spidery thing in the first photo.

  7. I like such urbane creativity, wish, we had here such kind of gallery!
    Greetings from Philistine's world ;-)

  8. Interesting and different. Not really my cup of tea, though. :-)


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