Friday, January 17, 2020

Willy Nilly Friday 5/2020 #3

St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church
631 North Jefferson St . Roanoke

I'm super confused right now because I could have sworn I've blogged about this church before but I can't find it....hmmm

Anyway...isn't this a gorgeous old church? It's my favorite! It was built 1900-1902

Porches in Old South West

I like the blue color of that house peeking behind the pretty, orange tree!
Near Franklin in Old South West

This is Nelson... isn't he adorable? During the summer he needed to be fostered...he had heartworms and the rescue center needed to find him a foster parent to take care of him during his treatment... Ashlyn applied and she was able to foster Nelson! He's all healthy now and a couple of months ago she adopted him! He loves his new home and might remember she also has another dog named Riley...Riley and Nelson are so happy to have each other!

This is what Braden's knee looked like Monday at his Drs appt...just 3 days after surgery...the orange-y color is just from whatever they had put on his leg before surgery and the purple is from the marker they used...the Dr even signed his work "CJ" an artist...which he kind of is!

I'm linking up with Tom's Willy Nilly Friday 5 and SkyWatch Friday

Have a great weekend!


  1. ...I love an old church!
    ...nothing beat an old front porch.
    ...a nice shot of fall.
    ...neat black eye.
    ...a work of art!
    Thanks Tanya for stopping by, make your weekend special.

  2. Glad that knee is healing and that Nelson found a home : )

  3. Pretty church, looks similiar to our Catholic Church, built at the same time (must make photos!), hope, Braden get well soon, with knees is an especially problem often... Cute dog!
    Have a great weekend

    (I'm only a half-time blogger at the moment)

  4. Have yourself a nice weekend!
    All the best to Braden and little Nelson.

  5. That is a great looking church! Glad the knee is healing.

  6. Wishing Braden a speedy recovery! Beautiful shot of the church, and I like houses that have a front porch. Seems like you don't see them as much anymore.

  7. Nelson looks like a fun dog! When my husband had surgery on his achilles tendon, the surgeon drew a big happy face on his leg.

  8. I guess signing the knee is kind if like signing a cast.

  9. Wishing Jaden a very speedy recovery. Nelson is adorable! A happy ending for him, does the heart good. Enjoyed your other photos also. Happy weekend to you Tanya :)

  10. Ha I know that feeling about not being able to find things on the blog - that what happens when you have been blogging as long as we have! Hope your son makes a good recovery - good to see the Dr has signed to certify his work!
    Wren x

  11. Oh, ow your son’s leg looks painful. Best wishes for total rehab. I have thought the same thing with my blog, knowing something is there, but can’t find it. I know I need to go back and add better categories so I can find stuff easier... but I can barely keep up with the present day.

  12. The church is awesome
    Your daughter is even more awesome for helping and adopting that sweet pup!! Yay for good healers.


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