Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daisy And Crockett

On Sunday, you know us, we went hiking! This time, we wanted to find our neighbor's lake that she said we are welcome to wander around. At one time, all this property belonged to the Sperry's (builder of our house) and remained as one parcel up until nearly 10 years ago. Let's see, back in 1948 my neighbor that I just mentioned above, her mother in law purchased this house and owned it up until 1999, when she passed away. My neighbor, at some point, divorced her husband, and he sold a bunch of this land and a big chunk of it became a grocery store/strip mall. Ugh! So that's a little tid bit of info on how this land became subdivided. Did that make sense? It's taken me all this time to finally get it straight,lol.

So anyways, we took a path that led us through the woods, with the kids and dogs in tow. All the while I kept hearing my neighbors words in my head playing over and over, "we've been seeing alot of bear over here in the thicket"...of course we walked through much of the thicket and I also kept telling myself what a dummy I am for not finding out when bears hibernate. Fortunately, we made it to the lake without seeing a bear and sat down with some lunch we had packed. Another thing that had me worried, wondering if the bears were smelling our pb&j's?

All in all, it was a nice afternoon if only I could have relaxed a little more and not been so terrified of running into a bear!

This photo is Daisy and Crockett. Daisy is the little lab in the front. She's basically just a puppy, about a year and a half old. So full of energy! And Crockett is our sweet Rottweiler. He's just a big ol baby who thinks he's a lap dog!
Ashlyn started a habit of yelling out for them in the tune of "Davy Crockett" but she yells "Daisy and Crockett" because she doesn't want Crockett to have his feelings hurt if she calls Daisy's name twice, like the song "Davy, Davy Crockett" lol.

Back to the bears, I was just doing some research on them and came across this sad site about bear hunts in Va. Click here to see how to save the Virginia Bears.


  1. En France, il n'y avait plus d'Ours, alors on a remis des ours venant des pays de l'Est, mais les bergers ne sont pas content, car les ours tuent les moutons.

  2. Daisy and Crockett look so nice! Beautiful dogs!
    Maybe you will not see a bear until next spring... Looking forward to read your 1st 'close encounter'! :-)))

  3. You're much braver than I am. I wouldn't have gone near the woods!

  4. Great shot of Daisy and Crockett. Sad link, killing for sport.

  5. Hello Tanya !

    Nice dogs...

    I say like "Olivier"... The bear are "dangerous" for the sheeps...
    But it's the life...

    See You later...

  6. Tanya,

    Sounds like a vacation everyday for you since you moved. Isn't it wonderful to see new things and then go home to your own bed? ;)

    Your dogs are cuties. If they were with you on your hike I'm sure they would have alerted you if a bear was in the area.

  7. Daisy & Crockett are georgeous. I bet they have heaps of energy.

  8. Daisy and Crockett look like great friends for each other and for their people family.

  9. Have I thanked you lately for following my blog? It may seem like I've got a funny way of showing it, changing my blog address the day before my first giveaway and screwing up everybody's links. What an idiot I can be...Anyway, if you haven't had a chance to enter the giveaway because you can't find it, try the old address, , and be sure to enter. Blogger assures me the pointers will be going in the right direction soon.

  10. Looks like your dogs are on Bear Watch for you! Glad it was an un-eventful hike!

  11. Looks like they are enjoying the great outdoors!
    So, is your house close to the strip mall?

  12. How scary worrying you might meet a bear! Love the dogs.

  13. Daisy and Crockett would love our dogs Misty and Molly -- they're two half Rotty/half we're not sure (we got them from a Rotweiler rescue) and they think they're still puppies.

    Your bear story reminded me of when I went camping in COlorado back in college. My boyfriend at the time made sure we hung our food packs in trees because of the bears -- I thought he was exaggerating and didn't exactly try to hang mine high. Well, the next morning, my pack was on the ground with a slash in it -- guess what the bear clawed his or her way to get? Peanut butter sandwiches!!!!

    Thanks for the memory. (And the shudder that still runs through me when I think of it!)

  14. We had a bear up a tree in our back yard early one morning. They are around here but generally they are as afraid of you as you are of them.

  15. They look like such good dogs - I'm sure they helped keep the bears away.
    Has your mom mentioned that the gas prices in San Diego have gone down again?! I was in awe earlier and now I just don't know what to think.

  16. I think it's really nice that your dogs sat still long enough for you to take their portrait. My dog hates the camera!

  17. Great poochie pics! But please.....don't fool around with bears. Rent The Edge with Anhtony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin....bad bear action...!

  18. Both dogs are quite handsome!

  19. Rambling, yes, we are right next door. Funny, we don't even notice them there, it's very quiet and we only see the backside but there is a big enbankment/privacy fence up. It is kind of handy that I can just walk right up through the top pasture to Kroger,lol.

    LOL Laurie, thanks for the story! I knew I had reason to think bears like peanut butter!

    CountryDew, that's what I kept telling myself!

    Felicia, yes, she's so excited over the gas prices!

    KM, I saw that movie, creepy! That bear was a stalker!

    Thanks for the visit everyone :)

  20. Crockett is so sweet... sounds like a typical rott, as they all think they are lap dogs. AND I love rotts big old Charlie Brown heads.... Rub Crocketts noggin for me.


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