Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday USMC!

Today is the Marine Corps birthday. The Corps is 233 years old today and still looks great!
My husband, a former Marine, served from 1985-1989. We were stationed at MCAGCC in 29 Palms, Ca.
My husband was in Tow Co, 3rd Tanks BN.

I worked in the PX on base.

We lived in a small, 1 bedroom house right outside the main entrance to the base.

We both have so many great memories of our time in 29 Palms. We made alot of great friends, although unfortunately over time have lost touch with them.

If anyone stumbles upon this and remembers us, LCPL Nick Breese, we'd love to hear from you!

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

(my husband is the guy on the far right, when looking at the photo)


  1. Hello Tanya...

    Happy Birthday !

    See You later !

  2. booyah- oh, that's Navy Seals - anyway, that is very kewl - the sacrifices these men and women have made in those years are nothing less than remarkable! I hope Walter Reed gets its act together so the soldiers can get proper care when they return home. They deserve the best medical care!

  3. Not much out in 29 Palms. I was in the AF from 82-88. I kept in touch for a while, but then slowly lost touch.

    I dont even have any pictures from my AF days.

  4. didn't know they were that old... :-o
    happy birthday...

  5. It's great you both have good memories when living and working there!

  6. Happy celebration of your memories.

  7. I do like a man in uniform ;-)

  8. Thanks for sharing the memories with us. It's neat to look back at the old photos, isn't it?

  9. Happy Birthday Marines...and Happy Veterans' Day ~ November 11th!

  10. 233? I would never have guessed that! But what do I know? ;-)

  11. "Louis" salutes you for saluting our Marines!

    It's Semper Fi, not Run and Hide!

  12. My sister-in-laws 19 yr-old niece is at 29 Palms now without her newlywed hubby who is overseas. She's doing OK although we were concerned cuz she grew up in Alaska (military partents) & went to college in Oregon for 2 yrs.
    Gosh, look how young your hubby & his buddies were too!

  13. Memories huh Tanya? Sad that we loose contact with those we were once close to. It happens to us all I'm sure. - Dave

  14. 1980-1984
    Camp Lejeune
    Jacksonville, NC

    Semper Fi


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