Friday, November 28, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 22 - The Black Friday Edition

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Wednesday's snow....
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a nice one....Ash was able to come home....I love having all the kids back under 1 roof!

Black Friday shopping...are you going? Me, NO WAY! Christian and his girlfriend are going to be heading out really early...I'll be in my warm, snuggly bed. I like online shopping!

So here's some Willy-Nilly's for ya:

1) Check out THESE abandoned creepy!

2) Speaking of online you use EBATES ? I've been using them for about 2 years now. It's free to sign up and you do your regular shopping through their links and get money back! Each Christmas I get about a hundred dollars back from things I bought through Ebates that I was going to buy anyway!

3) When I was looking at the abandoned mall photos I started to think about the mall I shopped in so much as a kid/teen/adult. Parkway Plaza in El Cajon. I wanted to find an old photo of it from back in the day before it totally changed, before stupid WalMart moved in, but couldn't...but I did find THIS which is pretty neat. Do you remember May Company? We had one at our mall and I shopped there a lot too but it closed. Funny, I remember buying a really cool black and white OP bathing suit there back in high school. Why do I remember that?! lol...OP was a cool brand to wear back in high school...wonder what happened...and why does WalMart carry it now?

4) Well now I'm thinking about brands we wore as kids...Vans were cool and kids still wear them to this day....Remember Le Tigre polo shirts?! How about Sasson jeans:

and Jordache jeans!

Aren't those commercials cheesy?! I totally remember them! I could go on and on but I'll stop for now ;)

5) Tried this new recipe this week Swiss Steak...I made it with was REALLY good. I found it on Pinterest and when I clicked on it, the blog it took me to is the blog that I got my Spanish Rice recipe from. I've been making that rice for a few years now. Funny how small the blogging world is!

Well that's it for it's your turn!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Those abandoned malls are sad. The dead trees and plants in them is especially weird. I have never understood the appeal of black Friday. I hate crowds and my time and safety is worth more to me than a $20 dvd player.

  2. Oh my goodness! This Spanish Rice recipe is the exact same one that I have been making for years! I do remember the Brooke Shields jeans ad. To me, any closed up store or mall is sad! I will be shopping on Friday, I always have. I love the excitement, the sales, even the traffic and lines! It s all a part of the experience! Having said that, I WILL NOT be getting up early for it!! I like sleeping in. So whatever is left is fine, plus it is not as crowded later in the day.

  3. No, I never wore Jordache OR Sasson jean. :-)

  4. That Swiss Steak and the baked potato that's served with it look amazingly tasty. Will mark it down.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Oh I love old commercials and I think I am still wearing those jeans:):)
    I don't do Black Friday and I was just watching the news from yours down in the south. No thankyou online is much easier:) Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Hug B

  6. Lovely snow shot. I enjoyed the Jordache Jeans commercial; reminds me of my thin days :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. The media aren't happy unless they can create some kind of name or event to involve everyone in, 'Black Friday' indeed! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. no black friday for me . . hey, I've never heard of ebates before . . . thanks for sharing . . . Happy Friday!

  9. Not heading out for Black Friday, but am doing Black Saturday with my daughter tomorrow!

  10. no way i'm going shopping. trying to figure out when it'll be 'safe' to return to walmart for groceries, again. january 2nd? :)

  11. The abandon malls were/are creepy. It is amazing how fast places w/o upkeep begin to fall apart. Even iron and steel. Why am I drawn to these photos? The other day I looked at a slide show of about 200 abandon houses. I couldn't stop.

  12. Great mood in that shot.

    Here, though our Thanksgiving was weeks ago, the retailers do put on Black Friday sales, trying to keep shoppers on this side of the border.

  13. Love your snow shot. But please cancel the snow for Monday... that's when we're supposed to arrive in Roanoke !

  14. No in-store shopping for me today. I don't do crowds and chaos unless absolutely necessary. Online for me today. :-)

  15. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. I don't do crowds either so was happy to be traveling back home on Friday. The traffic wasn't bad at all

  16. Sorry to be late commenting, a very busy weekend.
    Anyway those abandoned mall shots were cool. I really liked the one of the Theater. Our old mall got torn down, then they started to build a new one and that didn't pan out so just building facades are up and it's pretty much abandoned looking like that. - Those commercials were hilarious, I think the 2nd one was the cheesiest. Never heard of Mayco but the building looked pretty neat.

  17. I stay away from Black Friday sales. I don't like crowds.


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