Friday, January 22, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No 68

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We are awaiting a big snowfall of historic proportions beginning on Friday morning! You couldn't tell from the weather on Thursday though!

Woke up to this amazing sunrise....

It was so pretty I had to take another picture...

Went and did my prerequisite grocery shopping...look at those blue skies...

And the bright, shiny sun!

Christian and his buddy comtemplating life...or maybe just talking about girls & sports & food ;)

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  1. Those are some incredible colors in the sky. I couldn't stop taking images as well.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Looks like the calm before the storm. News of your expected snow fall is in our news. Take care. Lovely shots.

  3. #1 Red skies in the morning take warning
    #2 Really take warning
    #3 A great day to grocery shop
    #4 Star in the east?
    #5 Perhaps they are contemplating the path to world peace

  4. Here in Kentucky we are getting that crazy snowfall as I type this. Crazy snowfall! Get ready!

  5. I've heard there is a nasty storm on its way to you. Take care and stock those cupboards up before it hits! Chel xx

  6. The sunrise and sunset every morning seems to be so beautiful!

  7. The sunrise and sunset every morning seems to be so beautiful!

  8. Five great photos! Thanks for hosting and stay safe and warm through this storm. They are telling us it should be starting about 5.00 pm in this area.

  9. Beautiful shots. I know that the amounts of snow forecast for the coast in your area are a lot- for us it would be just another storm. We're probably not getting any of it, as the forecasts say we'll have clear skies until Monday.

  10. These photos really lift the spirit! Thanks.
    Watching the weather forecast - please stay warm . .
    looking forward to your terrific "after the fact" stories.

  11. Thinking of you all on the eastern half! Hoping for a limited amount of danger and problems! You'll get lots of beautiful snow though. Hoping everyone is very prepared! Gorgeous photos! No, you'd never know by the pictures, what lies ahead!

  12. Beautiful pics...I'm from the same area:)

  13. Hey, nice shots. You should have some "doozies" for tomorrow. I'm actually here in Roanoke now, riding out the blizzard with you.

  14. Oh wow!!----picture number 4 is outstanding! Love it. Has the snow artived yet?

  15. I saw Roanoke on the news today....they were putting salt on the roads...I think that was the news item....Good luck in weathering this does sound ferocious! The sunrise is splendid btw!
    Thanks for linking up to Fun Friday Favourites and including the link in your post.

  16. I made that picture on Tradd street! Lol yes she is one of my favorite her books! Have not read the newest yet. We walk Tradd ALOT

  17. Dear Tanya...I am so sorry about the regrets you have over your Mom and your brother. You are absolutely right about there being no grudges in Heaven. They will welcome you with love one day! I am still feeling pretty rough about my friend...her husband took the bedjacket to her and read the card, and nothing. I knew it would be that way. I feel so badly because I feel I owe her a lot for many kindnesses she extended us and I never felt I could do anything that would matter. When I finally came up with the bedjacket idea (as one small thing I COULD do!) it just took me too long. But, we can never go back and have a do-over. Wouldn't that be awesome! But, life is as it is, and we all go through things we wish we hadn't. I just felt so badly when I read your comment...I know it makes you sad. But, we have to think of the good things and know we are our worst critics about our own shortcomings. Others often don't even see what we see about ourselves. So, I will pass on someone else's advice I got on my post...don't beat yourself up! :-) So easy to say, but hey, we have to try!

    BTW that is Mom, Latane, (Living Life on Main Street)in that picture---my grandson's great-grandmother. We hate being so far from her since Dad passed away five years ago, but are planning a trip back this coming year. It will be incredible to see her again!

    Hope you aren't completely snowed in and that you have plenty of provisions and are staying warm. God bless you! I appreciate our internet connection. Take care.

  18. Thursday was a beautiful day--I did the grocery shopping, too. Had to chuckle at "girls, sports, food." Maybe not in that order! LOL

  19. Thinking of you. Sounds like your area was hammered with snow! Be safe and warm.

  20. Thinking of you. Sounds like your area was hammered with snow! Be safe and warm.

  21. Incredibly hard to believe that a storm is on the way Tanya.. the skies in the first two shots, btw I thought you showed incredible restraint just taking two :)is so pretty. The weather NEVER ceases to amaze me.

  22. Nice sunrises, Tanya. It has been so rainy here for the last three days that there has been no light in the morning. But, there is always tomorrow!


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