Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mountain Union Church

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Mount Union Church . Explore Park . Roanoke

This old church was built in the early 1800's in Botetourt County and then moved to Explore Park in the 1990's...I didn't know that I used to live near where this church originally stood! I had been to the cemetery a few times to fulfill Find-A-Grave photo can see those HERE and HERE ...I had a couple more requests to find there but never was able to find them...anywho...

(these were taken in April of this year)

I also didn't know that this church was started from Fincastle Presbyterian Church which I found out HERE in "A Partial History of Fincastle Presbyterian Church" which says this about Mount Union:

"Mountain Union Church is the daughter of the Fin-
castle Presbyterian Church. She was born on the Satur-
day before the third Sabbath in February, 1832. To this
daughter the mother gave twenty-four members, among
them a ruling elder, Mr. George McDonald, who was im-
mediately made a ruling elder in the new organization."

There were other interesting write-ups in the story...

That's about all I was able to find out on this little church but one neat thing I found was this old photo/postcard:

I think it is dated 1905? *Found on Rootsweb*

The church can be rented out now for weddings, reunions, etc...

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  1. Love this post and am fascinated with the find a grave photo request. Is this a organization you belong to?

    1. Find A Grave is a free sight that uses's a great genealogy tool. You can look up requests near your area and go out and photograph the grave for the person requesting it. I also have had others take pictures for me of ancestors that are buried too far from me to get's kind of fun...i haven't done it in a while but need to start back up when it cools off a bit!

  2. It is quite a distinctive building!

  3. ...what a simple, no frills church, it simply beautiful. How nice to see the old postcard. Thanks Tanya for stopping by, please come again.

  4. I have never seen a church like this. No windows on the front. It is even plainer then the Amish churches around here. But adorable.

  5. I like this church, with its plain design.


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