Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Virginia Can Company

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315 Albemarle SE . Roanoke

*must have had something on my lens on the last photo :(

From Wikipedia:

"Virginia Can Company-S.H. Heironimus Warehouse is a historic factory and warehouse complex located at Roanoke, Virginia. The "U"-shaped complex was built in 1912, and consists of an office and two factory buildings. All three of the buildings are two stories in height and are constructed of brick on a raised foundation of poured concrete. A second-story pedestrian bridge connects the two factory buildings and a brick hyphen connects the office building to the north factory building. The complex was built for the Virginia Can Company, the first and largest manufacturer of tin cans in Roanoke, Virginia. After 1951, it housed a clothing factory and then the Heironimus department store warehouse.
It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006, and included in the Roanoke River and Railroad Historic District in 2013. It is located in the Virginia Landmarks Register listed Southeast Roanoke Historic District."

I found THIS news story about the building being purchased and fixed up back in 2011...

While I was trying to find some old original pictures of the place I found THIS interesting story about child labor in the early 1900's in also mentions children working in cotton mills in Roanoke with old pictures to help tell the story...

I did manage to find some older photos although I'm not sure when they were can see them HERE

Note to self: If you do an image search on S H Heironimus you end up with a lot of vintage Roanoke pictures!

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  1. Cool old sign. Hopefully something good comes of these buildings. The bones look solid, as they say.

  2. What an interesting post! My daughter moved to Roanoke 3 years ago, and we've always wondered about the Heironimus name. I've learned so much from your postings. Thanks for all you do.

  3. nearby Fairport, we had a acn factory too and it looked somewhat like this one. I sure hope that they same the old ghost signs. Thanks Tanya for stopping by, I'll be by to see you on Friday.

  4. This place has surely gotten so run down. If it is a historic building, then shame on them for not fixing it up. The one bright spot is this cool metal jonquil! At least they did SOMETHING cheerful to this place!

  5. Nice vintage signage. I hope that these buildings can breathe new life and be restored for future generations to use. Glad that it's considered a historical building.

  6. I am fascinated by old houses, churches, buildings, factories, etc where we I am enjoying seeing the ones you post where you live! Enjoying a peek into the history of your area as well.

  7. Definitely ahead of its time with a skyway between the two buildings.

  8. There is always something sad about such old deserted buildings.

  9. Neat history of this old factory! Hated to hear about the child labor, though. Interesting post!

  10. I enjoy seeing old places like this that are getting some TLC. It sure has an interesting history.


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