Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dining Al Fresco

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Downtown Roanoke

Whoever this belongs to can certainly use it right now as no snow is in our forecast...looks like it will be a warm Christmas instead of white.

Today I am thankful for a text last night letting me know that my nephew out in California is doing much better after being extremely ill over the weekend! I know he still has a long road ahead but this was a start in the right direction!
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  1. This is beautiful! Is it painted this color, or is the sky reflected in the glass? So glad your nephew is better! Don't you just love this warm spell?

  2. That does sound like good news. And I love that little balcony! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hello, great news about your nephew. I will keep in my prayers for a complete recovery. Happy Thursday! I wish you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas!

  4. That makes a lovely little dining area for 2. Cute! I hope your nephew continues on his road to recovery.

  5. Hopefully, the weather will be warm enough to use this wee space for some Christmas dining. Glad to hear your nephew is doing better.

  6. That looks like a charming little balcony for dining. That is good news about your nephew! Merry Christmas!

  7. That is one tiny space! Glad to hear you received such good news and that your nephew is on the road to recovery. Thanks for linking up, Tanya!

  8. Good news about your nephew!

    One couldn't use a balcony like that here until April.


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