Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Christmas Tree @ Hotel Roanoke

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Hotel Roanoke . Downtown Roanoke

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week I am joining Michelle for her Thankful Thursday linkup...

I am thankful for online shopping & free shipping, especially this time of year! I do about 95% of my Christmas shopping much easier don't you think?! Are you done with your Christmas list yet? I am almost!


  1. Beautiful capture of the Christmas Tree and surrounding. Online shopping saves us the time.

  2. Me too! Between online shopping and our family's cutting way back on buying for all the (grown) nieces and nephews- Christmas isn't nearly as hectic as it used to be. I really just enjoy getting tiger with everyone. I'm not quite done yet - but no stress here.

  3. ...soon we will live in communities without stores, online shopping saves time, but destroys the towns and cities we live in.

  4. The tree is LOVELY!!! I love shopping online too. I'd say I'm about 60% done and it's a great feeling!

  5. Nice Christmas tree there! We buy some things online but not a lot. We really don't spend much money on the holidays, we stopped years ago and have enjoyed the season much more with friends and family without the sharing of gifts.

  6. Have you been to their yearly Christmas tree competition? They have dozens of trees all throughout the foyers and halls. Really unique and unusual ones. They keep them all up for awhile. You should really go. We have been to it, and it is fantastic. This tree is perfectly shaped.

    1. yes! i didn't know about it till nick and i stayed there at christmas a few years has since become a "tradition" to go see the trees...the boys and i went in and walked around when we were there taking this picture...i will post some tomorrow!

  7. This is a pretty shot and it's a very nice tree.

  8. I'm done shopping for all my grandkids and I did it all online too! So much easier for me and my bad knee. Now I just need to get my big kids their presents which is easy because they all want gift cards.

  9. I do my shopping online, too. Can't take the craziness of shopping in stores!! Thanks for linking up today!


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