Monday, December 19, 2016

More Christmas Trees @ The Hotel Roanoke

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Last week I showed you a few of the trees around the hotel, here's a few more:
The North Pole Post Office

A tree reflecting in the mirror...don't you just love that mirror?!

This space always gets a big display! One year it was a Polar Express theme, which I showed you HERE and another time was a big gingerbread house, which I know I have pictures of somewhere but guess I never posted it...anyways, this year was a scene from Finding Dory...did you see that movie? I thought it was hilarious! Back on topic, isn't this great?! So much detail! I think that little girl wants to climb right in!

This tree is in the main lobby and everyone likes to come and have their pictures taken here. We've got a few of our own too!

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6 days till Christmas!


  1. Very nice selection, Tanya, the first and the last are my preferred !

  2. I wish I had seen this when we were in Roanoke a couple of weeks ago.

    Tanya, did you miss my post where I mentioned you and your heading?

  3. Some people go all out at Christmas. Very festive!

  4. I am so glad you are posting these, because I cannot get there this year!! My very favorite is the blue tree reflected in the amazing mirror! Two for one in this picture! This is an awesome mirror, and I bet it would cost a fortune. It also makes the reflections look so amazing!!

  5. That reflected tree is my favourite.

  6. so beautiful and creative trees. i love this mirror :)
    merry christmas

  7. the mirror looks like a painting. Love this post. Christmas feeling but not overwhelming :)


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