Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bucket Of Bolts

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Spec . Botetourt County

When we were out looking for the old abandoned cannery last month, we also found this neat old truck!

The miles this old truck must have travelled!

I can picture this parked on the side of the road on a summer day with the bed filled with produce for sale...a long time ago...

A part of a clue but I'm going to need a little more info that that!

It's almost camouflaged in there...

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  1. It's a great find. Did you take it home to have your boys restore it to its former glory?

  2. Did I tell you how much I like your new blog format/theme!? It's really nice!

    1. thanks lowell!! been needing to clean things up around here for quite a long time!

  3. rural areas folks love to shoot at things, road signs and old trucks! Sad old girl! Thanks Tanya for sharing, enjoy your week.

  4. Painterly... and unthinkable here with us in Germany, the Germans are so correctly and the police would find the owners. That costs a lot -

  5. What a great find! Love old trucks, even dilapidated ones.

  6. Good grief! And it looks like someone has been using it for target practice! Better not stand too close. This is in such awful shape that it is almost urban decay art.

  7. That truck is quite a find. So nice to find old treasures like that.

  8. I love finds like this! I always wonder what stories it could tell :) Your new blog look is really different and looks very nice!

  9. Love the new blog look too Tanya, good to see your fab photos in a bigger format. You really found a photogenic beauty here, that fourth shot is the money 💲 shot! Yikes, those bullet shots obviously freak me out more than anyone else so far 😀

  10. You found some real beauty in this old hulk.


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